Sep 22, 2020 · 1961 Honda Trail 50 / CA100T The first Uhl-inspired production Trail 50 transmitted its 49cc overhead-valve engine’s 5 horsepower through a three-speed semiautomatic transmission. Knobby tires were mounted on full-size, 17-inch wheels, and the original Honda 50’s leg shield and front fender were removed for better off-road utility.
We radared both quads on the dry lake bed at El Mirage, CA @ 2500ft elevation and they both had the same top speed 69.9mph. But, 3 out of 4 of riders preferred the TRX450R bottom end response and mid range power over the YFZ450. "So Honda pulls out another *" Kick Start vs Electric Start
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Top speed for the CT90 was claimed to be 55 mph - but this was extremely optimistic and no doubt achieved by a tiny Honda test rider with a following wind going slightly downhill. In perfect conditions you can see 50 mph on the speedo, but 40 mph was a happier place for the CT90.