One of the leading causes of improper fit or premature wheel hub failure is improper torquing of the bolts and nuts that secure the wheel hub and tire. Most drive axle wheel hubs have a center axle nut that must be torqued down onto the axle shaft to a specific torque value. Putting the proper torque on the center
10x70mm bolt = 30-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn; 10x30mm bolt = 30-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn; 8x45mm bolts = 15-lbs/ft + 1/4 turn
The options available to you from ECS let you choose from a track-day setup to a comfortable daily driven arrangement. Take some time to browse the unparalleled catalog of excellent Coilover Kits available from ECS for your VW MK4 Jetta. Coil Up.
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